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New photography blog launch!

I've neglected this blog terribly recently.  Real life stuff has kept me busy, and I just haven't had tiime to post much.  And now, just to make it worse, I've started a new photoblog, not here at LJ but through wordpress.  It's meant as an extension of my professional online presence.  It links to and from my photography website (www.BethMadisonPhotography.com).  To get to the blog directly, go to blog.bethmadisonphotography.com/wordpress

I don't know if this will be of any interest to any of you, though.  It'll be strictly photography-based.  It will showcase some of my latest images and talk a bit about how I work.  Still, just wanted to let you know.  :D

I'll try to keep up here with non-photography, non-Star Trek/DS9 related stuff.  I've actually read some interesting science/technology news stories that I should have mentioned here.  Did you read the one that talked about how there's now scientific proof that we may be living in a hologram?  No, really.  How about the one that shows that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is wrong?  No?  Then I guess you've been watching the vajazzling video and the cat-massaging-cat video.  OK, now I've got your style...  ;)