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Boeing Plans to Fly Tourists to Space

"Boeing said Wednesday that it was entering the space tourism business, an announcement that could bolster the Obama administration’s efforts to transform the National Aeronautics and Space Administration into an agency that focuses less on building rockets and more on nurturing a commercial space industry.

"The flights, which could begin as early as 2015, would most likely launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida to the International Space Station. The Obama administration has proposed turning over to private companies the business of taking NASA astronauts to orbit, and Boeing and Bigelow Aerospace of Las Vegas won an $18 million contract this year for preliminary development and testing of a capsule that could carry seven passengers."


Sounds promising.  Just don't read the rest of the article if you don't want to be brought down to earth hard.  Something about NASA and budgets and funding cuts and competing bills, and the impossibiity of doing any kind of meaningful mission involving humans with allocated funding.  You know... real life.  *sigh* 

When I was growing up and reading science fiction and predictions of the future, I always just assumed that if we could figure out how to explore space, we would.  I assumed that the only thing that would hold us back was developing the technololgy.  I never once envisioned being held back by people who didn't think it was worth spending money on. 

Maybe scientists need to discover that the asteroids are loaded with fossil fuels.  Wait, I know -- let's leak word that Osama Bin Laden is hiding out there.  Then I bet NASA would get funding...


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