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The site around ground zero

I think in the area around ground zero should be community centers of all the world's major religions, with a central courtyard in the middle and shared dining facilities.  The "community of world religions" architectural plan would be designed to promote conversation, cooperation and interaction.  Perhaps the kitchen would be staffed by one person from each center on a rotating basis, or some such device.  Perhaps members would be "lent" out to neighboring centers as exchange students.  Something. 

Like Japan's Peace Park at the site of that nation's greatest devistation.  Take the horror of 9-11 and make the site a place where we can strive for communication, understanding and solidarity.

The "golden rule" and common morality are shared by all major faiths.  We should encourage and promote those who espouse those values, and join together to denounce those who work against the common good of all. 


I am proud of my town right now.