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Well, probably the few who read this already read it on my other LJ, but anyway...

I went ahead and self-published a book of poetry!  It's from one of those print-on-demand places, this one linked with Amazon.  I think it came out looking great.  Here's the link:


Here are the front and back covers:

The poems are really simple and down-to-earth.  They're very short.  They're not quite scrawled with a crayon, but to say they're "accessible" is putting it mildly.  Do any of you know Billy Collins, the poet?  He was the poet-laureate here in the US for a couple of years.  He was a big influence on me.  Think of Billy Collins, but without the heft of academia.  Well... maybe Billy Collins as a ten-year-old.

The back flap says this:

"This book of poetry chronicles the author's struggle to become fully awake and alive in her life, and as such, speaks to anyone who is looking to be 'in the moment.'  As distractions of busy lives and electronic gadgets pull our attention away, this book reminds us to notice the world around us and to listen to our own thoughts and feelings. "

What do you think?

It's not really an accomplishment, in the way that it would be if I had gotten this published by a real publishing house.   With vanity press, all you do is pay the money and boom!  a book.  But at least I decided to do it, and did it.  I did it mostly for myself, and so I could share it with friends. 

I re-read the whole book when I got my copies of the book, and I have to say, I like the poems.  I wrote them in 2007-2008, so I was afraid I might cringe upon re-visiting them, but, you know what?  I think they're fresh, entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes contemplative but usually unexpected and always authentic.  With titles like "Tivo Anesthesia,"  "Billy Collins' Meatloaf" and "A Dental View of Life," I think they rock.

I'm not really expecting that this will sell much; as I said, I did it mainly for myself.  But if I do say so myself, this is a great book for those who are not usually into poetry. 

Well... that's it.

Thanks!  :D